Lewis, Longman & Walker Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

This year we are celebrating 20 years as a firm.

In terms of a person’s life, 20 years is just getting started, but in business life, 20 years is a real accomplishment. It reflects the duration of relationships among colleagues and with clients and trusted service providers.

The world has changed a lot in 20 years.

In some ways, it’s as if we just started while in others it’s as if these relationships have always been in place.

Our clients are friends.

Our friends are colleagues.

Our colleagues are family.

It might seem odd to talk about relationships and friends and families in the context of a 20th anniversary celebration for business, but we’re a different kind of law firm.

We recognize that our relationships have made it possible for us to do what we do (and to do it for as long as we have).

In 1994, a few friends left their jobs and formed Lewis, Longman & Walker. Those friends brought more than their law degrees and their experience in government and private sector practice to the new firm. And, we’ve continued to develop the kind of culture where former engineers and planners and other professionals who have become lawyers bring a fresh perspective to the challenges our clients face.

We started with the Tallahassee and West Palm Beach offices.  In 1996, we added the Jacksonville office and in 2004 we added the Tampa Bay office.

We grew. Even so, we remained committed to providing big firm service with boutique style. We remain a firm focused on environmental practice, but today that includes ports, airports and infrastructure, and water resources. Our water and related environmental practices have led us to provide other services to our public and private clients, for example legislative and government affairs, intellectual property and business, public pension, labor and employment, and others.

We’ve expanded our services and we’ve grown but we haven’t changed who we are. We are lawyers, but we are so much more.

We are friends and colleagues and clients and we have been so for 20 years. No matter what the future brings, we will always be so.

Celebration events are planned at each office this summer.