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Transportation and Infrastructure

With over 25 years of experience assisting Florida’s deep-water ports, airports and transportation agencies, Lewis, Longman & Walker, P.A., can be a great asset to your logistical team. We understand the unique economic interests of Florida’s deep-water ports, their tenants and other users, and are currently assisting several Florida ports prepare for the expansion of the Panama Canal.  Moreover, we recognize that modern airports are under pressure to address air and traffic congestion under the threat of increased litigation and strained relationships with federal, state and local governments and the surrounding communities. We work with state, federal and local agencies and governments every day so we understand their unique perspective and use it to our clients’ advantage.

What we bring to you is a real understanding of government rules, environmental regulations, processes, procedures and people at every level. We have defended highway projects in NEPA challenges in federal courts. We understand the importance of a 4(f) analysis and have defended them in court. We frequently handle matters involving:

Issues Affecting Ports:

  • Intermodal Expansion
  • Federal and State Environmental Permitting
  • Lease and Contract Negotiations with Tenants, Stevedores and other Port Users
  • Wetland and Natural Resource Mitigation
  • Federal and State Security Compliance
  • Infrastructure Financing
  • Public Procurements
  • Public Private Partnerships (P3)/Concessionaire Agreements
  • State and Local Government Relations

Issues Affecting Airports:

  • Airport Noise
  • Airport Expansion and Environmental Impacts
  • Clean Air and Toxics
  • State and Local Governments and Other Agencies
  • Community Outreach
  • Long Term Planning and Collateral Lands
  • Federal Regulatory Matters
  • Litigation
  • NEPA Defense

We have historically had a strong practice in representation of public bodies and a depth of experience in major public infrastructure projects. We work to secure permits and entitlements and defend projects in state and federal courts. We understand the importance of infrastructure development from the government’s perspective and from the developer or redeveloper’s perspective. We understand that good planning maximizes the probability of success in later legal challenges. We focus on problem analysis, long term planning and permit security to protect clients from ongoing and costly litigation and offer economical solutions for our clients.

For more information on this Industry Group, contact Frederick L. Aschauer, Jr., Chair or Kathryn B. Rossmell, Vice Chair – Transportation and Infrastructure.

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