See Things Differently

Perspective isn’t everything—it’s the only thing. How we see things sets the limitation of our perceived opportunities, solutions and alternatives. Because we see things differently, we bring to our clients a perspective that others cannot.

We see what others see, but we see so much more.

Of course, we are lawyers, but we are also much more.

We have been agency counsel, so we understand the pressures and motivations, the personalities and the constraints of agency action. We see agency action differently.

We understand the technical and regulatory issues in a way others cannot. We have designed, permitted and built projects. Because of this, we see the technical issues differently which informs the way we craft successful strategies.

We have been planners, so we understand the need to fit in the built environment, to consider the environmental assets and integrate the needed use. We see the plan as much more than a project or a case.

We are mediators with practice area experience that facilitates a crisp focus on the complex subject matter of a conflict, expanding the options for resolution and increasing the possibility of settlement.

We talk and listen to each other. As a result, clients benefit from our varied perspectives in an efficient, cost-effective way.

We see cost-effective efficiency as more than a business strategy—it’s the fairest way to serve our clients.

We just see client service differently.

We are good people and great lawyers. It is who we are as individuals and a firm. As a result, while we are zealous advocates and will fight for our clients, we also seek ways to resolve matters without a fight when it saves time and money and still provides a winning outcome.

We see things differently because we are different.