Mickey's Conundrum: Is Your District Affected Too?

On April 22, 2022, Governor DeSantis signed into  law SB 4C, and with the stroke of his pen he dissolved independent special districts created prior to November 5, 1968 that have not been re-established, ratified or reconstituted by special act or general law.

Since that day, scores of national, state and local news outlets have been speculating on what this will mean for the Reedy Creek Improvement District and the other affected districts in the future.  The new law which goes into effect on July 1, 2022, affects at least five other districts which were created prior to 1968 but provisions in the new law allows affected districts to be re-established on or after June 1, 2023.

Staff analysis prepared by the Senate and House identified these affected districts:

  • Bradford County Development Authority, Bradford County
  • Sunshine Water Control District, Broward County
  • Eastpoint Water and Sewer District, Franklin County
  • Hamilton County Development Authority, Hamilton County
  • Marion County Law Library, Marion County
  • Reedy Creek Improvement District, Orange and Osceola County

LLW is aware of districts not identified above that may also be affected.  All affected districts must be re-established by the Legislature no later than the 2023 Legislative Session (March 7-May 5, 2023) or face dissolution on June 1, 2023.  If you are uncertain whether your district is affected by SB 4C, please contact us for assistance.

Click here to view the signed legislation.  To view the staff analysis, click here.  Over the last 19 years, Mr. Lyon has provided legislative and legal counsel to a wide variety of special districts and other local governments across the state.  For more information, contact Chris Lyon at clyon@llw-law.com.